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Leather is the Python charting library for those who need charts now and don’t care if they’re perfect.

Leather isn’t picky. It’s rough. It gets dirty. It looks sexy just hanging on the back of a chair. Leather doesn’t need your accessories. Leather is how Snake Plissken would make charts.

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Show me docs#

  • About - why you should use leather

  • Install - how to install for users and developers

  • Examples - code + output examples of every feature of leather

  • API - technical documentation for the leather API

  • Changelog - a record of every change made for each release

Show me code#

import random

import leather

dot_data = [(random.randint(0, 250), random.randint(0, 250)) for i in range(100)]

def colorizer(d):
    return 'rgb(%i, %i, %i)' % (d.x, d.y, 150)

chart = leather.Chart('Colorized dots')
chart.add_dots(dot_data, fill_color=colorizer)

Join us#

  • Release process - the process for maintainers to publish new releases

  • License - a copy of the MIT open source license covering leather

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The following individuals have contributed code, documentation, or expertise to leather:

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